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Why theminimall?

Retailers in India do not have online presence. They need to invest a lot before they go online. It is not their core competency to build a web presence and attract customers. theminimall will enable you to go online within 5 minutes and start selling their entire inventory, without any upfront cost.

We have the infrastructure, technology and the team to help you manage your online storefront. Our social media integration tools will allow you to attract new customers from Facebook, twitter and Pinterest.

In this hyper-competitive market, it is important that you have a strong online presence. As more Indians buy smartphones and get access to broadband internet, the use of techonology to make purchasing decisions will only increase. Our Android and iOS apps will send customers directly to your store. Most likely they would have made their purchasing decision before walking in the store, by browsing through your catalog on the app.

Our marketing tools allow you to create marketing campaigns that will target customers that have made a purchase from your store. This will allow you to retain customers and increase their value over their lifetime.

All this is for free. We believe platforms should be free and we hope that our work will provide you with tremendous value.

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